As we head toward the end of this school year, I’d like to reflect on our group of volunteers who help make this the great school that it is. While I hope people generally feel good about volunteering at Raleigh Park, on behalf of the PTO, we want everyone to know we realize and appreciate that every single thing the PTO is able to do is because someone volunteered their time and talent (and treasure) to do it.

There are a few people in particular whose volunteer hours have been 100 or more (so far!).   If you see these people around the school or elsewhere, please join us in thanking them for their extraordinary efforts:   Patty Coleman volunteered the most hours (over 300!) largely through her work with Project Back and Passport Club; Kristin Corcoran (who is leaving our school as her family moves to Washington state), for hundreds of hours volunteered in a wide variety of areas, including Talent Show Lead, Picture Day Lead, Room Parent, and Ways and Means Board position. She will be missed. Peter Jewett deserves a shout out for more than his extremely time-consuming Treasurer position on the Board, but also volunteering untold hours for so many activities and programs, large and small. And, a huge thank you to the others in the “100 Club”: Kristin Darwin, Brandi Wachs, Kelli Pardo, Heidi Cluff and Sage Krewson for all they do. Finally, we recognized former Raleigh Park teachers, Julie Cook and Bruce Ecker, for putting in over 160 hours each in service of the RPTV program.

Bravo! For Cinderella

The play was by all accounts a huge success and there are many people to thank for it! Jennee Raz and Melinda Coats took the lead with an army of others including: Brandi Wachs, Sam Salenger, Amy Higgins, Ines Frye, Kelli Pardo, Betsy Ubiergo, Kim Hall, Thao Phan, Megan Talalemotu, Paulette Boynay, Tracy Gregor, Mark Rose, Jana Rose, Dave Towner, Katy Oldham, Cathy Hernandez, Karen Eggert, Jacquie Bell, Lori Woolfrey, and Ruby Jewett (3rd grader). An additional thanks to JoAnn Reynolds and the Blechschmidt-Sandman family for hosting the staff. Thank you for making our first week-long play experience such a positive one for so many kids.

The Garden Keeps on Giving

It’s spring and the Garden is in full bloom. Thank you to Amy Prewett, Kristen Darwin and Kari Greigfor the many hours put into the Garden. Each grade has been able to incorporate the Garden into their curriculum which contributes to Raleigh Park being a special learning community.

The Carnival Celebration Continues

The Carnival continues to delight both students and the greater Raleigh Park community. Thank you co-leads, Cathy Hernandez and Shyla Spicer, key volunteers Julia Garriot, Danielle Wissmiller, Jennee Raz, and Brandi Wachs, and Karen Youngs and LeAnn Haslett and JR and our teachers and so many other volunteers who make the event possible.

Margo Fowler, PTO President