Some of the larger Raleigh Park PTO events have a chairperson (or co-chairs) who lead the event with support from a group of other volunteers. You don’t necessarily need to be available the day-of an event to be part of a committee. Behind the scenes work is appreciated, too!

Committee opportunities:

Event: Jog-A-Thon

Contact: Chair, Maureen McGrain at

Timing: Late summer, early fall

Event: Book Fair

Contact: Chair, Amy Rice at

Timing: Early fall

Event: Spring Fundraiser

Contact: Co-Chairs, Kristina Perry

Jessica Wilde at

Timing: Early/late spring

Event: Spring Carnival

Contact: Co-Chairs, Cathy Hernandez at

Kristen Myklebust at

Timing: Late spring

Event: Talent Show

Contact: Melissa Riley at

Timing: Late spring

Activity: Passport Club

Contact: Chair, Amon Riley at

Timing: School year-round

Activity: Raleigh Park Garden

Contact: Chair, Heather Johnson at

Timing: Fall, spring

Activity: Art Literacy

Contact: Chair, Laura Buck at

Timing: School year-round

Activities: Project BACK

Contact: Patti Coleman at

Timing: School year-round