Minutes: April 30, 2012

PTO Meeting minutes, 4.10.12

1. Mitzi Sandman: introductions

2. Guest Speaker: Tara Arnold, a pediatric nurse at Providence St. Vincent’s Med. Ctr.

Tara is really great at outreach in the community and is here tonight to provide information on head lice prevention and treatment.


Lice are insects that spend their entire life on humans. They do not live on humans and cannot be spread through animals.

See attached slides for full presentation.

Having lice carries enough of a social stigma, that they will never tell the school. The best case is where a family who has a child with lice or any family member has it, report it to the school so they can take measures to help manage it.


3. 2012-2013 Budget proposal (Jason Wissmiller)

Jason, Stephanie Wollmuth, Matt Gadbaw, Mitzi Sandman, Glen Rutherford met before Spring Break to outline the budget for next year. The budget has increased to $45,000 for the coming year, with the intent to earn $50K from the Jogathon. Having Stephanie representing the teachers gave a really nice perspective into annual teacher activities which have to do with curriculum enhancement. We determined that each grade level will have access to $625 for curriculum enhancement. This is in addition to the $300 that each classroom teacher is given at the beginning of the school year for curriculum enhancement. It is also in addition to the $6/student for classroom party funds. The full budget will posted on the website as an attachment.

Other new items: we are allocating some money for a new PTO website.

School budget shortfall: this year we wrote a check in the amount of $9K for supplies, toner, paper; we have a budget line for $9K again next year.

A motion to propose the budget was made and seconded.  The proposed budget will be posted on the PTO website for review. The budget will be voted upon next meeting, Wed. May 9th at 9am.

4. Events:

  1. Spring Fundraiser: Tech For Tigers is the theme. The event will be on Friday, 5/18 at Billy’s Bar in Beaverton. Our goal is to raise money to upgrade the technology for our school. The attire is casual. Invitations will go out 3 weeks in advance. The PTO website will be upgraded so that you can buy raffle tickets, event tickets online. Our goal is to raise $30K to put technology in the hands of the students not only in a lab setting but also in the classrooms. There are many things we’d like to do to become a leader among elementary school in technology. We are the only school who does not have a full lab where an entire class can go and use computers at once. Tickets to the event are $30; we tried to make it accessible for all. We will be taking any increments of donations (down to pennies from students)
    Raffle items: Kindle Fire and a wheelbarrow full of booze. There will also be a silent auction and parties to purchase.
  2. Carnival: Neighborhood signs will be posted next week. The carnival will be Friday, 5/4. All the same events and activities as previous years except for face painting. Looking for leads for next year’s carnival on the Kiddie Corral, Hall Games, Tickets, Prizes, and Publicity.
  3. Talent Show: Kristin Corcoran, Tuesday, June 12th is the show date; two sessions 8:45 and 1pm.
    This year there are 57 acts registered for the show. Last year we had 40 acts, so it will be a BIG show this year. They will be taking auditions for 5th grade MC’s. Christena Romanaggi will be heading up the literary/art display portion of the talent show. We are in need of LOTS of volunteer help.

    Lunch time volunteers for rehearsal

    Program-Kimber will do the program

    Donation buckets will be out in the front lobby again this year for admission….last year we brought in $200.

  4. Staff Room Remodel: Mitzi and Jimme

    A weekend before school is out will be designated for volunteers to go in and do clean-up per phase one. More information will be forthcoming at the May meeting.

5. Principal’s Report

Testing is going on this week for 3-5 graders. Make sure they get a good breakfast, enough sleep and some conversation to assure them. It’s a one day snapshot of how the kids are doing. Sometimes it is not a really good indication of learning and how kids perform in school.

BodyVox: artist in residence is here to participate in Body Vox. Really great program.

Author Visit: Star Wars illustrator is coming for a visit next week during  the school day. He will talk about how he does his art and answer questions.

May 18th-administrator’s meeting on budget for next year and staffing, and a communication plan which he will share after the meeting.

Follow-up from Dr. Rose’s visit: Dr. Rose called Glen the next morning about the Title 1 percentage at RP. He has raised the issue to the committee who reviews Title 1 eligibility to consider RP for funding. We would be a targeted program initially. The money would go directly to the identified students for the program.

6. Fall Events:

  1. Operation Clean-Up: Jimme Date to be determined……..
  2. Fall Family Picnic: This event will be either the first Thursday or Friday of the first week of school. We’ll decide next month so we can start planning and communicating.

7. New Business:

Loud and Clear : Oregon Children’s Theatre curriculum enhancement

We will have them here next year; it is a wonderful public speaking curriculum.

Teaching staff as we approach the next school year, please consider how the parents/PTO can assist your effort further. More administrative help, classroom help? Special projects?

Volunteer work day once per week 8-12.

June 5th meeting could possibly be in the school garden.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:08pm.  Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish, Secretary.