Minutes: December 5, 2011

Raleigh Park PTO Board Meeting

Monday, 12/5/11

Jenn Reynolds’ House


Mitzi, Glen, Jimme, Lori, Matt, Jenn, Beth

Meeting began at 6:50 p.m.

Discussed communication issues between teachers and PTO;  Issues of concern for teachers include Jog-A-Thon, money for parties (less this year than last year – $100 versus $140).  Scrip money could go to make up for shortfalls in classes that feel they don’t have enough for parties.  Suggested that $ should be allocated to classrooms on a per student basis, rather than $100 per class.

Would like to have a teacher rep present at the monthly PTO meetings at school.  Glen says John Diehl has volunteered to be at the meetings.

Suggestion made that Glen put PTO on agenda for teacher staff meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 3:30 p.m. as a way to bridge the communication gap and let the teachers know who we are.

Glen says he will run out of money.  RPTV has 4 teachers highly involved.  Paid $500 stipend.  That’s in danger of being cut.  PTO can fund supplies and then Glen can funnel it in to RPTV.

RP had to give back 15% of budget. $18,000 was supposed to come out of the budget as a result.  RP only gave back half (other half will be given back next year).

Leanne says she needs $6,000 for supplies to make it to end of school year.  PTO can help pay for those supplies.

Paper drive suggested to help supply school.  Big supply expenses are toner, servicing machines.  Often go over budget on number of copies.

Ideal for Glen would be $9000 from PTO for his budget.  Needs to be presented at general PTO meeting on Wed. December 7th.

Kiln capital fund – question why it exists.  Discussed whether to roll kiln capital fund into Art Lit fund.

Garden capital fund – End of tree sale, it will be at $11,000.  Bid for garden amphitheater is $12,500.  Want $2,000 additional from PTO to fund the work.  Need to find Garden Coordinator.  Suggested that we find Master Gardener through extension.  Need person who knows what garden is, and person who can maintain it.  Administrator and coordinator positions.

Discussed playground equipment.  Reviewed Debbie Plawner’s proposal for various play structures for kindy playground.

Need to determine plan for spending PTO money.