Minutes: February 8, 2012

PTO Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 9:05 am by Mitzi Sandman. Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.



Moved $24,000 from capital fund into a Technology Fund.

Garden Capital Fund currently has $5281.39 after paying a 50% deposit for the Amphitheatre cover. Drawings and permits are being submitted now; work on the cover will take place on or around Spring Break. $650 was raised from the Christmas Tree Sale and has been placed in the Garden Capital fund. $2000 will be added to the Garden Capital Fund by Jason, per the approved vote during January’s PTO meeting.

The Classroom Party amounts have been adjusted to make up the difference so that $6 per child is paid to the classroom teacher for annual parties.


  1. Staff Room: Phase I to be voted upon at today’s meeting: $1500 to go toward the Staff Room improvements. Vote Result: Passed.
  2. Spring Fundraiser (Lori Hardwick Lavey) WE have a good group of volunteers to help organize the spring fundraiser. They selling parties and doing a raise the paddle. Funds will be raised to go specifically to the Technology Lab project. Will there be a dedicated staff person to manage the Tech Lab? It would be great to have a lead person. However, this will most likely not happen in the near future due to a lack of budget. Once we begin testing (currently without a lab) which takes about 3-4 weeks per year, it uses ALL the computers and takes them out of circulation. Having the lab would create many learning opportunities for the teachers and students. There are some teachers who have Masters of Technology (Katie Rice) who could really help with curriculum and planning around the use of the lab. Budget for the Technology Lab is still being developed….working with district people about HVAC, structural changes, security. The goal is to cut as many of the cost as possible, yet still build a quality lab that will sustain for many years to come. Glen received a call from Kelly Koontz (district) regarding a donation of computers from Nike. They are desktop PC’s and we have been promised 35 units to get our lab started. The cost of creating the lab space is likely more than the $15K we had originally estimated. We will know more about costs soon. Ideally we would be able to be on a MAC platform, but if the PCs are free and allow us to get up and running sooner, it may be a good choice. The Nike donation would save us $35K off the top for cost of computers.
  3. Spring Fundraiser: A motion to propose $6000 additional seed money for covering the cost of putting on the fundraiser. The motion was seconded. The $6000 will be voted upon next month at the PTO meeting.




  1. Carnival: our lead has had to step down, so we are discussing changes to the format to streamline and simplify. Here are our options to consider:


-we can keep it as is, same as previous years, and Cathy McNear has said that she will step up and lead it this year.

-Change it to an outdoor event. It would be simplified. Bouncy houses, pizza truck, fire trucks, police cars to view, dunk tank, etc. Most likely this would take place in June.

-Do the Outdoor Carnival as above, but hold it on the first Friday after school begins in September


People’s thoughts: June outdoor option is the least desireable. Keeping the Carnival the same as past years could be the easiest because it is a known entity and Cathy McNear is willing to chair this again. The tradition of this event is meaningful. It is also important because it is an event that ALL families attend and is a very inclusive event.

A Spring Carnival can be the same format, perhaps less the food service (pizza, si senor, etc)


Whatever we decide going forward, we need to find shadows and determine who will take volunteer roles for the following years. The original date was to be May 4th. The plan after discussing this is to keep it on May 4th, and Cathy McNear will chair the event!



Testing is coming up after Spring Break. The reading score minimum to meet and exceed for the state standards has been raised. If kids exceed, they will have only one opportunity to take the test. Each students who is below exceeds has 3 opportunities total to take the test and improve their score.


We have a tree being removed on the SE corner of the property behind the baseball backstop.

Homework club starts today! We have 70 kids signed up to attend. We can always use more volunteers 3:15-4:15 Wednesday and Thursdays.


Still working on Positive Behavior Support: Safe, Kind and Respectful, Responsible The staff is reinforcing and teaching kids what these behaviors look like in different settings in the building. There will be rewards for positive behavior and mechanisms to correct bad behavior.



We Care Sports will come for a full day on March 22nd by using SCRIP funds. $118 per grade level….Karen Lally will submit a request to Jason for release of SCRIP funds to cover the cost of this day.

Traditional events by grade level: ie. 1st Grade Feast, kindy gingerbread houses….teachers to develop a list of items and budget amount desired to Jason by early April so he can plug it into the budget. Also, if the teachers can give visibility into any field trips they would like to plan per grade level, this would be great to give to Jason so he can plan the appropriate amounts to be funded for next school year.


Motion to adjourn at 10:03 am; motion was seconded. Meeting adjourned.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish, Secretary.