Minutes: January 10, 2012

Raleigh Park PTO Meeting

January 10, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by Mitzi Sandman.

Attendees: Marcela Moenne-Loccoz, Heather Scanlon, Dan Corpron, Amy Simpson, Josh Field, Jenn Reynolds, Jason Wissmiller, Melissa McGillivray, Jimme Perkins, Mitzi Sandman, Matt Gadbaw, Jennee’ Raz, Steve McNear, Kristin Corcoran, Debbie Meinhart, Glen Rutherford, Beth Gish

1. The minutes from December meeting were reviewed and approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report- Jason Wissmiller

Review of budget:  Some funds have been shifted. The kiln capital fund has been moved into the  general capital fund. A technology capital fund has been established and currently has $7k. There is a plan to move $17K from the general surplus fund to the technology fund. This will leave $19,602.91 in the surplus fund. Tonight we took a vote to approve this and Jason will proceed with making this change.

Raleigh Park School Budget- we need a vote to give Glen Rutherford $9K from the PTO general budget to cover the shortfall that his school budget has faced this year. This budget shortfall could recur next year, although Glen and the staff are doing as much as possible to save and curtail spending. Perhaps a fund to support Glen’s annual budget (supplies) should be established for future years. This can be revisited later in the school year as Glen forms his budget for 2012/2013.

Garden Amphitheatre Cover– a vote is needed on releasing $2K of funds to assist with the $12.5K overall cost of cover. The Garden committee has been raising the funds for 5 years and has approximately $10.5K raised to date.

A confidential vote was taken: 15 votes were in favor of funding the school budget for $9K and 15 votes were in favor of funding the Garden Amphitheatre cover for $2K. There were no votes against either ballot item.


Technology Lab Project-proposal:

HVAC upgrade and removal of a wall are required to retrofit the current space adjacent to the library (resource room). The wall removal cost is $7K.Estimates are  needed on upgrading the HVAC.  Is there an alternate location within the building? There is also a possibility of increasing security and insurance in one of the portables. Glen will pursue researching HVAC for resource room through the district as well as consider alternative locations. Steve McNear will pursue a general contractor here in the neighborhood for quotes. The PTO plans to raise funds needed beyond the $24K currently in the technology fund via a Spring Fundraiser. Once the current costs come in we will have revised numbers to form a realistic budget for this project. Initially the PTO estimated $45K, but this could be higher with the additional cost of HVAC.


Staff Room Improvement: Estimate required from PTO Budget $3K

Phase I: $2366.80

Phase II: $4412.86

Total: $6779.66

$1500 has been donated anonymously to fund this project. Tonight we are proposing and voting on Phase I  funds still needed ($1500). It was discussed that in the grand scheme of things, the PTO paying for improvements on the staff lounge is inappropriate right now. Should we be spending money right now on lounge improvements? There are others that feel that the proposal is a very reasonable and there are ways to trim the Phase I proposal costs. Do the teachers understand that any money spent on the lounge improvement will pull funds from the Technology Lab? There is also the possibility of revising the staff room proposal so that Phase I does not exceed $1500. Currently we have $1500 donated and available for this project.

A motion was made to propose that the remodel project will not exceed $1500 (Phase I) and that this will be voted upon at the Feb. 8, 2012 meeting. The motion was seconded.

Kindy Playground Equipment: there will be an upcoming proposal spearheaded by Debbie Plawner for playground enhancements.


3. Events:

a. Carnival-Date has been changed to Friday, 4/6 or Friday, 4/13. Contact Jami Blanchard to help at jamiblanc@comcast.net  There will be a fundraising element to the carnival this year. We are open to anything. The first carnival planning meeting will be scheduled soon.

b. Spring Fundraiser: sometime in May, possibly at the Tillicum

c. Sock Hop-Friday, January 20th

4. Volunteer Needs

a.  Garden Committee chair(s) needed as well as committee members. Any ideas or any interested people please contact Jenn Reynolds or Melissa McGillivray. Perhaps we should reach out to the parent population stating that we need committee members as opposed to a garden lead person. “Good golly! It’s not that hard!”

b. Jenee’ Raz volunteered to take charge of the roster for next school year!!

c. Homework club: Glen reported that there is a club being organized for anyone who is interested in attending. There will be adults helping with homework. There will also be a part of the homework club that provides further interventions for kids that need more time with one on one tutoring. This will help the kids that are further behind the opportunity to catch up, have more practice time, more work in small groups. Projected start is the first full week in February and will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We are looking for volunteers in two areas: general homework helpers and also those with specific skills in reading and math instruction. The staff is identifying the kids that need this help. The PTO has already provided funds for transportation-$3K. Glen feels he will not need all the funds provided by PTO for buses, but would like to use the funds for teacher stipends and snacks for students during the program. We are looking for four small groups of kids (reading) led by four teachers. The funds for this come from “After School Busing” line item. A motion was made to change the line item to be entitled “After School Programs.” It was also discussed that this is a highly valuable program that impacts those kids that could really use the assistance. Once Glen reports back on how many children will participate, he will inform us and appeal for more funds if necessary.


Principal’s Report

A former Raleigh Park student was killed in a car accident last Sunday. He was a student at Raleigh Hills this year. Glen proposes that we combine our efforts with Raleigh Hills in an effort to support the family.

Teachers are interested in electric pencil sharpeners. What is the best way to fund this? We recommend that the teachers use SCRIP funds to buy these.

Testing materials will start coming home in student folders. The main difference this year is that if the child has met or exceed during the first test, the school will not re-test them without permission from the parent. There are three opportunities every year to test the students.

New Business

PTO Today Magazine comes to the school and is available in the PTO president’s box. They are available to borrow.


Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish, 1/10/12.