Minutes: June 15, 2012

PTO meeting, June 5, 2012

School library

Meeting commenced at 6:37pm. Attendees:

Beth Gish, Matt Gadbaw, Jason Wissmiller, Lori Lavey, Mitzi Sandman, Jenee’ Raz, Jenn Reynolds, Melissa Engenhardt, Jimme Perkins, Steve McNear, Kristin Corcoran, Heather Scanlon, Diana Post

Meeting minutes from May 9th were approved.

Spring Fundraiser Results-Lori Hardwick

Capital improvements are being provided for the building to prepare the lab, along with computer hardware donations from Providence and Nike. These amount to approximately $40K

Balance sheet for the Tech for Tigers:

Spent: $4679.65 on the event in total

Income from event to date: $50,010. There are additional funds trickling in……

This means that the total in the Technology Fund is now over $74,000


Technology Committee Update: Jimme Perkins, Berkeley Gadbaw, Steve McNear)

Captial Improvements: The improvements to the room for the lab, will come to approximately $10K from the Technology Fund. This will pay for furnishings to fit up the room.

The committee will go to visit Jacob Wismer school to evaluate and observe a device called a Moby which is used in every classroom. It works in conjunction with the current system using the ELMO projector.

Another option is to utilize ipads instead of the Moby’s for the teachers with the ELMO projectors.

There is a high demand for the mobile carts among the 4th and 5th grade classrooms. The priority is to bring more technology to these grades, with the objective to bring one device (either a computer, or handheld device) for every two students in the 4th and 5th grades.

There will be a comprehensive “re-jiggering” effort this summer to reassign equipment throughout the classrooms. This will be done by the Technology Committee along with some help from district records, etc.

For the lower grades, there has been request to get more interactive types of devices, such as ipads for the classrooms.

A proposal was made to approve the Technology Committee Proposal from the May 9th, 2012 meeting by using the current fund of $74,000. The attendees are ensured that the funds are not all spent on equipment, but also allows for ongoing maintenance, supplies, repairs, as well as training on hardware and software. The goal is to get all of the equipment into the school by September.

The vote would approve a budget of $74,000 to be used for technology, with a $5000 “hold back” for reserves.  A motion was made to approve this proposal. The motion was seconded. Proposal APPROVED.

Treasurer’s Report-Jason Wissmiller

Overall school budget will have a surplus of approximately $15,000

Regarding the 5th grade events, next year there will be a budget set for these events by the 5th grade  parent committee. Carolyn Reverman and Amy Perkins will head this effort for the next school year. They will submit a budget by September 12, 2012 and the PTO Board will put it into the budget as a line item.

The student store is completely independent of the PTO budget, and is supposed to be used by the 5th grade for their parties and events.

Talent Show, June 12- Kristin Corcoran

On schedule….there are 21 acts for morning show, and 24 acts for the afternoon show.

Staff Room Remodel, June 8 & 9- Mitzi and Jimme

Calling all those who have a hour or two to spend on Friday and Saturday to help with painting and repairs. If you would like to come, please arrive anytime on Friday 3-8pm and Saturday 8:30-4pm.

Volunteer Needs for 2012-2013-Jenn Reynolds

Chess club chair

Garden chair or co-chair

Principal’s Report-Glen Rutherford

The teachers had some good ideas about how parents can help support teachers. For example, work parties on one day per week where copying, office type work is done by a group of volunteers. Also, a structured and organized way to utilize parent volunteers for reading help and working with student groups will be implemented next school year.

One of the things that Berkeley is working on is contacting former teachers and retired teachers to utilize them in the classrooms as support.

Glen is working on class lists right now and right now he does not have confirmation on who  his final staff is going to be. We have two retirements right now and also Nigi Riegler is going to go back to Japan to be with her family and teach in her father’s school there. She is on leave and the district has a spot for her if and when she decides to return.

We have enough kids for two full-day kindergarten classes and then one half day.

There is discussion within the district to allow time for teacher collaboration time. This would translate into one day per week starting 1 hour, 15 minutes later than normal start time, and stay 15 minutes later every school day so that the students don’t lose instruction time.

Fall Events: Mitzi

Fall family picnic will be on Thursday, 9/6 6-8pm

Operation clean-up will be on Sunday, 9/23 in the afternoon

Jog-a-thon will be Thursday, 10/4 all day long

New events: Some ideas are all-school play, movie night, talent show at night, science fair, art fair. If there are others ideas, please come and contribute them at the meeting to be considered.

Meeting schedule for next year 2012-2013

Tues, Sept 18, 6:30pm

Tues, Oct 16, 6:30pm

Wed, Nov 14, 6:30pm

Wed, Dec 12, 9am

Tues, Jan 8, 6:30pm

Wed, March 13, 6:30pm

Tues, April 9, 6:30pm

Wed, May 8, 9am

Wed, June 5, 6:30pm

Meeting was adjourned at 7:41pm. Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish.