Minutes: May 9, 2012

PTO meeting minutes

5/9/12, school cafeteria

Meeting called to order and commenced at 9:05 am.

Technology Committee update and proposal (Steve McNear, Jimme Perkins, Berkeley Gadbaw)

Details of the entire Technology Proposal can be found on the PTO website in a document entitled “Raleigh Park Tech Proposal”

Discussion summary: The current technology mobile carts are becoming outdated and have limitations. The PTO strives to provide technology tools in both individual classrooms and in a “lab” setting.

Recently we’ve had some favorable developments in that the district has agreed to pay for all capital improvements, which amounts to $20-30K. This is fantastic news and allows up to put more $$ that we raise into devices, rather than moving wall, HVAC and electrical upgrades.

Also, we’ve had the good fortune of corporations donating desktop computers, which amounts to approximately $20K worth of equipment! This means to get a lab up and running, the PTO will need to to spend approx. $5-10K.

“The approaches within a classroom are highly varied…. A premium has been placed on solutions that meet the current and future needs of instructors, are easy to execute within a classroom setting, and allow for curriculum delivery in a model of larger class sizes and decreased instruction time. “

RPTC Recommendations

  1. Move forward immediately with the completion of a technology lab at RP Elementary. We estimate it will cost approximately $5600 at the low end and $9-10K at the highest end.
  2. Installation of interactive white boards in a small number of RP classrooms. The BSD has access with a vendor currently to “buy 2, get 2 free” if we choose from a model priced between $2500-$3800/board.
  3. Establishment of a training fund for Raleigh Park instructors. Amount projected:
  4. Increase the technology footprint within the upper grades (4-5 grades). The objective is to get devices in the hands of the students at the rate of 1 device per 2 students. We are still in the process of determining what will be the best ultimate device to fulfill this need.  The goal is to in doing this, the demand for the mobile carts will be diminished for the upper grades, thus opening up the mobile carts for the lower grades.

This is an opportune time to invest in technology at Raleigh Park. Our equipment is aged and the district and corporate donations enable us to finish a lab at a low cost. This has been period of savings for technology and also a targeted fundraiser to support this effort.

We are asking this morning to take $24K from our technology fund, plus net proceeds from the May 18th Tech for Tigers fundraisers, and combine these amounts to put toward these above proposed goals.

The interactive white board allows teachers interesting capabilities. The teacher can write on the whiteboard which then can go to computers in the classroom. In lower grades, there are educational games that can be done by the students. It changes the paradigm of the teachers standing only in front of the room, they can move around the room, allow the students to go up and interact on the whiteboard. The boards have been given priority because the costs are lower to implement than individual devices per 2 students.

All of the teachers are in support of a computer lab. The mobile carts are ineffective in the lower grades because of the time required to set up the computers. This cannot be done by the students themselves, and the teacher cannot set up 30 computers in the time they have with each session of the cart. Also, the teachers don’t have room for more desktop computers in the rooms….with 37-38 students in each 5th grade classroom next year, there literally is no space.

2012-2013 PTO Budget Vote (Mitzi Sandman)

We have increased the overall budget by $11K because we have had a surplus due to the Jogathon and savings over the past few years.  This year we gave $10K toward the school budget shortfall (Glen’s operating budget) and we have allocated this same amount for next school year.

Event updates:

Spring Fundraiser-Lori Hardwick May 18th at 6:30pm, at Billy’s Bar. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Sign-up parties, great raffle prizes, raise the paddle, etc. Auction items galore!!!!!


Talent Show: rehearsals are moving along. Thank you to all of the volunteers who are helping, it makes a huge difference. Kristin will be sending out emails weekly with reminders and critical dates.  Dress rehearsal is Monday, 6/11 from 3-6pm.

Staff Room Remodel: we will be going forward with Phase I over the weekend of June 8th and June 9th. Friday after school and all day Saturday there will be volunteers working on the project. We could use more volunteers so if you are interested please contact Mitzi Sandman.


JAT kickoff meeting: May 22, 6:30pm at Brandi Wachs’ house. This will be a meeting to clarify who is heading up each committee. Brandi is looking for someone to explore with her online donations. Lori Hardwick will assist with this. Brandi is looking for a co-chair for next year. Please keep your eyes and ears open for someone who would be a good fit. There will be a conversation about changes to our prize/party structure within the JAT.



Volunteer Needs for 2012-2013

Please see the attached document entitled “RP Volunteer Positions” for open positions.


New business: which do we prefer…Morning or evening for PTO meetings?


Vote results: the proposed 2012-2013 Budget was unanimously approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:28am.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 5 at 6:30pm in the school Garden.