Minutes: October 18, 2011


Raleigh Park PTO Meeting-10.18.11

Meeting attendees: Lori Hardwick Lavey, Jason Wissmiller, Mitzi Sandman, Marcela Moenne-Loccoz, Kristin Corcoran, Pauline Mueller, Jimme Perkins, Brandi Wachs, Amy Simpson, Jennee’ Raz, Deb Elmgren, Alisa Gaylord, Evan Reynolds, Beth Gish

Meeting called to order at 6:40pm.


1. Guest speaker: Mary VanderWeele, Beaverton School District Board Member, to speak on Local Option Levy #34-193

Mary is here tonight to talk to us about the importance of the option levy to the school district.

In the last 4 years, the BSD has cut $105M from our budget. The “fat” has all been trimmed. Looking at a $27-34M shortfall this year, and this will result in cutting staff and cutting instruction days. The levy would provide $14M per year, so it would not cover the entire shortfall. What this equates to is the loss of 3 weeks of instruction or approximately 300 teachers.

How can we help?: Vote!, donate to the campaign if we can ($500 in support of the campaign per school), canvassing, phone banking, filling out postcards and mail them to family, neighbors and friends in the district. Each school has two nights for phone bank, Tuesday 11/1 6:15-8pm at the BEA office in Hillsboro and Saturday 10/29 at Cedar Park Middle school for canvassing. Canvassing here will be Saturday, 10/22 at 1 pm meeting at Raleigh Park Elementary.


There is also a Facebook page for this effort as well as a website: www.supportbeavertonschools.org. Donations can be made online. There are also lawn signs available from Mary and a couple from Glen Rutherford. Three mailers are being sent out to reliable voters in the district. Beaverton historically has been very supportive of schools with these types of measures. In order for the measure to pass, it must be “51% of those who vote” approving the levy.


Even if the Levy passes, the forecast for the next 5 years sees a shortfall of approximately $15Mper year. There will be some very difficult budget choices to make in the future.

 2. Levy Canvassing Opportunity (Glen)

This Saturday, Glen will collect the materials for canvassing in our neighborhood. Walk and talk to make contact with people if they are home. Snacks will be served. When you are finished with the map you are given, then you come back to the school, drop you materials and you are done. The canvassing will be from 1-4pm 10/22. Ballots should be coming out very soon. The voter’s pamphlets have already been mailed out to voters. Any amount of time to help volunteer will be helpful. Contact Melissa McGillivray with any questions about this or about phone bank.

3. President’s Report (Mitzi Sandman)

  1. Vote on Ways and Means position and co-Volunteer Coordinator position: Lori Lavey and Jenn Reynolds were approved.
  2. Minutes from last PTO meeting.  A motion to approve them was made, seconded, and approved.

 4.  Treasurer’s Report (Jason Wissmiller)

Jason provided the group with copies of the annual budget. The final and third page of the budget overviews the accounts…full budget is attached at the end of these minutes.

The SCRIP program thus far has brought in approximately $1,000. The individual teachers have accounts. There was concern brought up about specialist not having as much earned in their accounts. Parents can designate their SCRIP credit to go to a specific teacher other than their child’s classroom teacher.

There is a form to buy SCRIP on our school website: www.raleighparkpto.org

5. Jogathon update: (Brandi Wachs)

The money is beginning to come in. So far, we have brought in $12K and we feel we are right on track to hit or exceed our goal.

Award parties: Monday, 10/31 there will be a school wide assembly with an ice cream treat and awards given for different categories.

11/3: $150 Award party. Reptile man, snacks, after school

11/14 or 11/15: $300 award party. Some type of after school activity with teachers  which is safe, fun appropriate.

Last week in November will be the $500 award party. More details to follow…..

We will be “kicking off” the organizing efforts in May 2012 for the October 2012 Jog-a-thon.

 6. Garden update:

Tastings thus far are Glenora Grapes, and Fennel seeds. We will have quince to taste other crops coming up such as Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes before December.

Marcela: the garden was developed in 2002, there are 10 raised beds for edible and non-edible crops. We wanted to tie in the Garden to our science curriculum by installing weather instruments in the garden. Alexander Anderson is a local wood artist who built foundations for the three instruments to sit upon. The Garden committee applied for a grant and West Coast Bank answered the call and provided $1000 for the instruments. The instruments have been purchased and installed: Analog thermometer, rain gauge, and sundial.  One objective of the Garden committee is bringing the kids and teachers out there to use it for science curriculum. There is a volunteer opportunity for each classroom to be the Garden Liaison. Perhaps something should be put in a newsletter, as well as Melissa putting a letter out to parents letting them know more about the garden liaison positions open for each classroom. The Garden is looking for a shadow for Heather Scanlon this year and to take over the lead position for the 2012-2013 school years.

7. Guest speaker: Evan Reynolds, BEF board member and parent at RP

The Beaverton Education Foundation an independent non-profit organization that is not connected (501-C3) to the district directly. There are ex-school district officers that attend regularly. Christine Baggot is the director. 1988 founded and since then has given about $2M to the district. Kids count grants are for summer and after school programs which are up to $10K

$500-1,000 grants which teachers can apply for support. The BEF receives grant requests daily. They have funded technology projects, a green roof at Westview high that the science program uses to study, art literacy, projectors, equipment.

The BEF receives funding from New Season’s market. All the $ from bottle/can deposits at the Cedar Hills location go the Beaverton District. Sharing Spree is an alternative to Groupon or Living Social but with a more local orientation.  A minimum of 10% of their promotion will go to the BEF. You can go online and register for Sharing Spree; make sure to proactively set the BEF as your default charity. Phone-a-thon is going on currently where high school kids are asking for funds for specific projects. BEF is very active on social media. Facebook is a good way to stay connected to BEF and receive updates on programs.

Classroom Innovations grants: deadlines are September and February.

Is there a set amount that the BEF attempts to award each year?  The amount the BEF raises each year determines how much they are able to award.

How are the funds divided up and awarded? The objective is to fund 100 projects at all 51 schools in the district. Objective evaluations are done for each grant request. They rank with a point value system, and get most consideration if they are innovative requests.

The average grant award is $500-1000. The average turnaround time on a request like this is approximately 6 months, since the deadlines are twice per year. It would be great to put something in the newsletter; Evan will write something to submit.

8. Principal’s Report  (Glen Rutherford)

Conferences will be 10.27 and 10/28.

Arts for Learning is beginning with 3-5 grades now

TAG testing: will take place this week. This is an attempt to measure their intellect. One group of 4th graders who had a higher result are taking the SAT 10 test instead of the standard Naglieri test.

We are looking at some specific science curriculum projects. Kids Here has a program that has some elementary pieces that could work really well for us. We are also looking at Evergreen Aviation Museum which has an outreach program which is “free.” Glen will send some teachers there to investigate and see more about the program and determine if it will be a good fit. This could result in some field trips to the museum.

The Option Levy is VERY important and critical to us.

ESL cut that we incurred this year; added two more hours on to the ESL teacher and cost $9K Supplemented staff member to help bring below grade level kids up to speed. This cost $18K.

The Raleigh Park supply budget is where this money came from. The budget is nearly depleted and we have a lot more year ahead of us. We hope to enlist parent volunteers to have more face time/direct instruction with students in small group in order to have the kids that are behind catch up. We have targeted the lowest 10% of students that are behind their grade levels.  We may look to see if we can do some more intensified work with other kids that are on the bubble to bring them up to speed.  We do not currently participate in the SMART program because we are not a Title I school. We’ve had a very good start to the school year. We are implementing  PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention Support program.

Behavior needs to be Kind, Safe and Responsible.

9. New Business

Save the date for March 7, 2012 when our school superintendent will join us for our PTO meeting.

Our website will be re-vamped and improved with the help of Jim Woolfrey (marketing strategist and RP parent).

Kristin Corcoran Rosenthal hopes to have the roster completed by November.

10. Meeting adjourned at 8:12pm.

Respectfully submitted 10/19/11,

Beth Gish, Secretary