PTO Meeting Minutes – 10/16/13

PTO Meeting 10-16-13

Attendance: Margo Fowler, Peter Jewett, Glen Rutherford, Stephanie Wollmuth, Kimberlee Hanken, Brandi Wachs, Jennee Raz, Patti Coleman, Angela Tobecksen, Gretchen Cook, Amy Prewett, Kristine Morescachi, Melinda Burpo, Kelli Pardo, Tiffany Russell, Adrienne Lorimor-Case, Heidi Cluff, Kristin Corcoran, Debbie Meinhart, Mitzi Sandman

Margo, PTO President – Welcome to the meeting! Introduction of the Strategic Priorities for the 2013- 2014 school year. Read over the general priorities and activities such as curriculum support and capital investments. Identify where, we as a PTO, can spend the surplus amount in the school, address fundraising holistically, create and implement technology plan, identify and invest in capital projects, create and implement a communication plan, and broaden base engaged in PTO/improve inclusion of all RP families. Still working with John D. to get childcare for the PTO meeting. Please contact the PTO if you have any ideas, comments, or want to be a part of the planning involved.

Stephanie Wollmuth, PYP Coordinator – Program of Inquiry (POI) – Worked with staff in each grade level to start the “1st draft” of units. The POI focuses on Transdiciplinary Themes (six) who we are, where are we in place and time, how we express ourselves, how the world works, how we organize ourselves, and sharing the planet. Ten teachers will be attending a PYP workshop in Portland to learn more. Staff is working on developing a unit beginning in November with these encompassing trait central ideas, lines of inquiry, teaching through the inquiry process, and inviting experts from our community to help support our units.

Peter, PTO Treasurer – We have a good amount in each of our accounts with $15,000 in reserve. Project B.A.C.K. now is a dedicated line item that will have funds which will roll over each year. We just started entering money from the Jog-A-Thon and will continue to do so through the week and early next week. If you are having expenses please get them to me as soon as possible to get reimbursed. There are forms next to the volunteer computer in the office.

Glen, Principal – Teachers and students are starting to use the PYP language. We are starting to work on a technology plan. The fourth and fifth graders have been using computers in the room on Google Docs and for research. We are also using computers in ESL. The training for the technology hopefully will be coming from the Beaverton School District, as well as, from the technology fund we have in the budget. We also want to be careful with the technology we purchase because we may be getting some of that technology from the bond if it passes (probably next Fall 2014).

Conferences are coming up on November 5th and 6th. There will be a new report card grading system for this first report card of the year. There is a new teacher evaluation system this year that will help us talk about instruction. Teachers are using Response to Learning which helps focus students into intervention groups and some teachers are keeping their struggling kids while sending out on level kids to other groups.

Fred Meyer will be filming a commercial on Monday Oct. 21 at Raleigh Park. Great job on the Jog-A- Thon!!

Kimber/Kristin, Ways and Means – We are looking at the whole year for planning fundraising. We are partnering with Pizzacato at least three times this year. We are looking at raffling items left over from the auction last year in January. If anyone is interesting in planning or fundraising we are looking for other parents to help out. Please contact Kimber or Kristin by email or phone about helping.

Brandi, Jog-A-Thon – We have 50 packets in so far with about $8000 raised. We have given out some raffle prizes to students who have already turned in their packets. Please attend the JAT reward assembly on October 25th. Limo party is Oct. 28 and the after school party is Oct. 30th 3-5pm. This is also a great time for feedback on the JAT. Please contact Brandi if you have any ideas or suggestions by email.

New business – None
Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.