PTO Meeting Minutes – 9/18/12

PTO Meeting Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meeting attendees: Mitzi Sandman, Amy Simpson, Kristine Morescalchi, Jennee’ Raz, Maili Boynay, Kristin Corcoran, Kelli Pardo, Nicole Gaumont King, Peter Jewett, Katy Oldham, Tamara Taylor, Adrienne Lorimor, Ben Hall, Jimme Perkins, Debbie Plawner, Lori Hardwick Lavey, JoAnna Flynn, Melissa Engenhardt, Jenn Reynolds, Kimberlee Hanken, Dawn Prochovnic, Jason Wissmiller, Matt Gadbaw, Beth Gish

1. President’s report (Mitzi Sandman) Meeting was brought to order at 6:35pm.

a. Introduce Board

b. Approve minutes from the last meeting. A motion was made to approve the minutes from June. All were in favor and none were opposed. The minutes were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report (Jason Wissmiller)

a. Budget overview and update. Full budget is available on the PTO Website as an attachment dated 9/18/12. The Capital fund had $906 remaining. The Reserve fund has $15K remaining. The Technology Fund currently has $29, 051 remaining. Our total liabilities (based on our planned budget/spending priorities) is $54,175

b. Teacher stipends: $300/year per teacher is granted from the PTO. Small expenses for Tiger Striders, Passport Club, and the back to school coffee (hospitality committee)

c. SCRIP: There will be four SCRIP events at Raleigh Park this year. Oct. 1, Dec. 10, Mar. 18, June 3. This will help economize the administrative effort behind the program. Otherwise, the program is the same as last year.

3. Activity Updates

a. Garden Cover (Heather Scanlon)

We are disappointed in the contractor. He has begun work, but there has been a lag from the time he started. He has promised to come out this Thursday, 9/20/12 and once he continues the work, it will take one week to finish. This Sunday, 9/23 we will be doing a large clean-up effort at 12-4pm. We encourage anyone who is available to come and help for any amount of time between those hours. Simultaneous to the Garden Clean up, we’ll be doing Operation Clean up on Sunday, 9/23 12-4pm. The more people the better to help in these projects…so please come and help!

b. Hospitality (Joanna Flynn)

One of Joanna’s plans for hospitality is to begin to broaden our participation in terms of the parent population. We have a large community, which is diverse and we want to better serve the entire population. Joanna formerly was a teacher, and understands the challenges of lunch time-packing a lunch, hot lunches-for staff only. Raoul and Rosemarie Villareal, who are parents at the school, and also own Raoul’s are putting together a lunch delivery service on Fridays. Thursday, 10/18/12 there will be a meal served for the staff on behalf of the hospitality committee. Sean Herron has offered to cater the meal (Italian themed). If anyone wants to donate to help offset this expense, there will be an envelope in the office next to the copier.

Coffee Fairies: on a random date, each staff member will receive the coffee drink of their choice just after class begins that morning. This will come from the hospitality budget.

Holiday Luncheon: this will continue again this year with the possible addition of a cookie exchange for the staff.

c. Jog-a-thon (Brandi Wachs) This Thursday, 9/20 there will be a kick-off assembly for the jogathon. Four professional athletes will be leading the assembly. Donation packets will go home that evening in backpacks. This year we have generous donations from Nike of t-shirts for each student. Also, the prizes this year will be medals. We will have Nike bracelets for each student to record their number of laps. A PA system and a large clock are being supplied for the day of the event. The actual event date is October 4th, all day long.

When you reach $300 in pledges a prize will be given and they will be entered into a drawing for a larger prize.

This year you can use a credit card to make a donation. There will be instructions in your take home packets on how to utilize this. We are hoping this will broaden our reach and help expedite payment.

Donation packets will be due on October 15th.

d. Tech Lab Update (Jimme Perkins)

We opened the lab last week after raising funds last spring. Mrs. Corona is our Technology Lab staff member. The upgrades to the building were done by the district and will raised funds. The computers were donated by Nike and Providence. We have some ideas beyond the tech lab: we realize through some research that better, more efficient technology could be used in the classrooms. We decided as a group to buy 80 Dell netbooks to supply to the 4th and 5th grades. This will provide one netbook for every two students. These will be delivered to the classrooms next week, and they will stay in the classrooms to be used as needed by the teachers and students. The technology that formerly was in classrooms has been re-deployed into K-3 classrooms. Now we have approximately 7 laptops per classrooms and teachers were polled about their technology needs and every classroom request has been met. We still have funds available to allow for training the teachers on the new programs. There will be some beta tests with a few teachers which allow them to use a hand-held device that is mobile technology. We will hopefully be able to outfit every teacher with this type of device. There will be training given to all teachers on this new equipment.

e. PTO Website (Lori Lavey)

PTO website has been redesigned by Jim Woolfrey. Our goal is to make the site simple and easy to access information about what’s going on with the PTO at the school. We also hope to expand our reach and loop more families into events, fundraising, community support, and volunteering at school. Parents/guardians can sign up to volunteer on the website and Jenn Reynold (volunteer coordinator) will send a school wide email blast sharing the link to the volunteer function. Another thing we are hoping to have is a communications person who would be willing to update/upload information periodically. If you are interested in doing this, please contact Lori Lavey at

f. Box Tops (Debbie Plawner) There will be a collection box in the lobby of the school. This will be a school-wide competition to achieve certain goals, instead of a classroom competition. The school prizes will be awarded as the goal levels are met throughout the year. There will something in the newsletter this Friday to remind everyone to collect now and the box tops can be placed in the box anytime between now and the conclusion of the school year.

g. Volunteer Update: Jenn Reynolds We have 60 new volunteers in our database this year. There were 22 attendees at the volunteer orientation tonight. We have needs for help with Passport Club co-chair positions. It’s an entirely volunteer run activity and it is a great enhancement to our children’s education. Berkeley Gadbaw and Amy Perkins would be happy to train new leads. We are looking for a Project Second Wind lead.

Rice, Reister and Andrews classes need a room parent. Brandi Wachs is looking for a co-chair for the Jog-a-thon and Kristen Rosenthal is hoping to find someone to shadow for this year. Is taking over Mileage Club and she would welcome having a co-chair for this effort. Please contact Jenn Reynolds if you are interested in any of these roles.

4. Principal’s Update (Glen Rutherford)

Thank you for the great support to get the school off to a great start despite the shifting sands of the Beaverton School District. The 4th/5th Blend has been established and is off to a good start. Leslie Buehler is the long term substitute.

We are on the list for another .5 teacher for kindergarten There will be a morning kindergarten class that starts on Monday, 9/24/12. Debbie Meinhart will be teaching this class as a long-term sub. This means that the two full-day kindergarten classes will have 25 students each, and the ½ day morning kindergarten will have 20 students.

The formula dictated by the district to determine how many students per teacher, is to take the total headcount, divide by 30, then you know how many teachers you have for the school.

The district has a watch list that we became a part of once we exceeded 40 students in the 4th grade and over 37 in the fifth grade classes. The district has a demographer who provides projections on enrollment. The schools are supposed to work off of those projections. This year those projections were off and we had to flip the 2nd and 3rd grade staffing at the very last minute.

A parent pointed out that there seems to be inequity across the district as far as resources.

5. New Business

a. Staff Room Remodel, Phase II proposal

The staff remodel committee would like to have $1000 to complete the remodel project. We could either propose it tonight, or wait a month until after the Jog-a-thon when we know how much earned from that. Decision was made as below:

We propose releasing $1000 in funds for the Staff Room Remodel Phase II

We propose releasing up to $1500 in funds to buy a storage shed for PTO activities.

A vote on these two items will be taken at next month’s meeting on Tuesday, 10/16/12.

6. Fundraising (Lori Lavey)

We will have fundraising nights out at Pizzicato and McMenamins throughout the year. Stay tuned to the PTO website for more information on dates/times.

7. Move to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm