PTO Meeting Minutes – 10/16/12


ATTENDEES: Jimme Perkins, Mitzi Sandman, Lori Hardwick, Jenn Reynolds, Kristin Corcoran, Jennee Raz, Hilary Borthold, Kimberlee Hanken, Kristen Johanson, Sean Dougherty, Kelli Pardo, Benjamin Hall, Melaina Pletsch, Amy Simpson, Kristine Morescalchi, Debbie Meinhart, Glen Rutherford, Beth Gish


Meeting called to order at 6:40pm by Mitzi Sandman, PTO President

Special Technology Opportunity:Tanner Young, Mrs. Young’s son, has developed a device using Wii technology to create an interactive whiteboard. Tanner demonstrated how this works and how Mrs. Young has used it in her classroom already. This would take the place of a Promethean Board and the cost is approximately $100 per classroom. Tanner is willing to come in and train the staff (staff development) on how to operate this device. The device has been shared with the staff last week and there was a lot of enthusiasm! The staff would ask that the PTO fund these for classroom teachers who are interested. There are 15 classrooms so the total would be approximately $1500. One additional item that could be considered is a power supply docking station for the Wii remote to alleviate reliance on AA batteries.

1. President’s Report (Mitzi Sandman)

a. Minutes from last meeting were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report (Jason Wissmiller)

Budget Overview: So far this month we have deposit amounting to approximately $55,000 from the Jog-a-thon which was held on October 4th, 2012. We anticipate collecting over $60K in total. On Page 2 of the budget one of the larger spend items is the teacher stipends for $7000. Another item to note, we just had our first SCRIP order this fall and we earned approximately $700 in income. A full budget is posted to our website

3. Activity Updates

Copy Center: (Kristin Corcoran) Kristin is the coordinator for the staff copy center. There is a blue box in the copy room off of the library. Teachers put copy, binding, laminating jobs in the box and volunteers come in and run the jobs. If you would like assist, we welcome the administrative support. There are always jobs waiting to be run. The expected turnaround time for the jobs is one week, however right now many jobs are completed within 24-48 hours. We also encourage teachers to use this service. More volunteers are needed anytime 8am-4pm.

Quick Updates (Mitzi)

Tech lab and budget (Jimme Perkins) the presentation we saw tonight could take the place of some of the Mobi’s. The next project could be the new Wii white board.

There is some discussion on whether to buys Mobi’s or ipads (refurbed). The ipads are approximately $350 each (purchased in increments of ten) and seem to be more functional. These devices allow the teachers to directly interact with the math programs and the students from device to screen. Raleigh Hills Elementary is already using the ipads and are having good success.

Box Tops: there is a collection box in the front hall that is ongoing throughout the year. For every 50 that a student brings in, they will get to submit an idea on how to spend the box top money raised.

Garden Cover: The construction is complete! Kudos to the Garden Committee for fundraising and executing this plan….it is a great addition to our garden.


Staff Lounge Remodel, Phase 2 ($1000) They are still missing a central place to sit. A former RP parent is an artist and will donate a piece of art for the room.

Vote Result: PASSED

PTO Storage Shed: ($2500) purchase of a storage shed outdoors near the portables on the side of the school. More research needs to be done on the correct size, the siting, and then bids for the shed and the installation. Jason has a Tuff Shed that is 8×12 feet being installed at his home and the total cost was $2500.

Vote Result: PASSED

4. Volunteer Update (Jenn Reynolds)

We need someone to take over the lead coordinator position for the Carnival. Please consider this role or think of someone who may be interested. We also need two parents to take over the Passport Club leads. We could use help with Afterschool safety patrol help is needed. Jog-a-thon shadow for Brandi Wachs is needed for next year. The Garden committee needs a lead to take over from Heather Scanlon. Please contact Jenn Reynolds if you would like more information on any of these volunteer roles.

5. Principal’s Report (Glen Rutherford)

Kyle Piper Smyer is the new teacher coming to take over the 4/5 blend position from the long-term sub Leslie Buehler. Kyle will attend all of the parent/teacher conference next week with the Leslie to get to know the students and families. She will be a good addition to the staff at RP and Leslie has done a great job.

Intervention Specialist, Gretchen Schalg, along with teaching staff and Glen are working on identifying those students who are falling behind and need extra help. Part of our strategy is to put kids who are struggling with our best and most talented staff. For this reason, classroom teachers will be involved at the first phase of interventions. For example, all students get 90 minutes of math and 90 minutes of reading instruction per day. For those students who are struggling, they need extra support and work within a smaller group. At some point during the day, those kids get pulled from the classroom and get an extra 15-30 minutes of instructional time that they need.

Then there is a need for a second tier of staff help that is needed. The PTO cannot pay for staff/people, but they PTO can pay for supplies. Glen is in the process of identifying the amount of help that is need. This would most likely be hiring a 4 hour classified employee (4 hours per week). This would cost approximately $18,000. Glen could use his supply budget (copy paper, office budget) to pay for the classified employee, and the PTO would then be asked to fill in his supply budget that is depleted.

There is also a homework club that will be underway by November that will support those students that need intervention and additional instruction time.

The proposal that Glen is putting forth is the following: He is proposing that the PTO provide funds for his supply budget in the amount of approximately $18,000. This will free up his supply budget to use for staffing a teacher aide.

This agenda item is officially proposed and will be voted upon at the next PTO meeting on Wed. November 14, 2012 6:30pm.

6. New Business

There was a question from a parent about how the teachers are holding up and how morale is among the staff. Glen feels that his staff put forth a heroic effort in getting this school year off to a good start. The morale is great and the staff is very dedicated to helping the kids.

There is a manila envelope near the volunteer check in computer to donate funds to contribute to the staff dinner that Sean Herron is hosting for the staff this Thursday night, 10/18 during conferences.

Pizzicato fundraiser is on Tuesday, 10/23 all day long. RP elementary gets 20% of total orders on 10/23. This includes catering, dine-in and gift cards.

Meeting was adjourned at 8pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish, PTO Secretary.