PTO Meeting Minutes – 11/14/12

PTO Meeting, November 14, 2012

Meeting commenced at 6:35pm.

Lori Lavey is here on behalf of Mitzi Sandman leading the meeting tonight.

Attendees: Glen Rutherford, Lori Lavey, Pam Andrews, Ross Peterson, Jenee’ Raz, Kelli Pardo, Melinda Burpo, Jenn Reynolds, Kim Hall, Debbie Meinhart,


A full copy of the budget is attached at the end of these minutes.



There is enough in the budget due to the success of the jogathon to help fund additional teacher hours in the classroom and in the after school homework club program. We are taking a vote to approve using $18,000 from our surplus to put into the principal’s supply budget for the year. This will enable him to use his existing supply budget to pay for an additional 4 hours of certified employee hours to assist in the classroom and during the homework club after school. This proposal was voted on an approved unanimously by all attendees.

There are additional items which have been purchased by Glen to increase literacy among our students. This is designed to accelerate reading levels and provide interventions for those students who need the extra help. Every child in our school has a 90 minute core per day of reading and math, and those who are below grade level are getting intervention time in addition. Roughly, 25% of the kids in our school are in need of interventions. Many will start the year with interventions and then phase out of the program as they catch up. There is a new intervention specialist, Gretchen Schlage, who is helping assess and track the students and help us understand how to best utilize our resources.


The board has done some review of our poverty levels among the population at Raleigh Park. Currently the Beaverton District considers schools for Title One status (federally funded assistance) when the school population reaches 40% free and reduced lunch status. The federal level to receive assistance is 35% free and reduced lunch. A targeted program, where funds are devoted only to programs for those students who have been identified, is available to those schools who reach this 40% level by March of a given school year, and then the program can begin the following September. Raleigh Park reached the 40% level in May of 2012, so we were past the March deadline to qualify for this year. The PTO Board has written a letter to Superintendent Rose to address what we feel is inequity and requesting a time to converse with him about being considered for Title One status.


Jenn Reynolds: we have three volunteers who have stepped up to lead the carnival this year!!

The date for the Sock Hop is Friday, Jan 16. This could be an issue because it is the Friday before a long weekend. Jenn will talk with Shannon Sanford who is chairing the Sock Hop and consider another date.


Glen Rutherford: We are asking the teachers to collaborate and work in dynamic, strong teams. We ask the teachers to sit down regularly to talk about student’s learning progress, what is working, what is not working, problem solving and strategizing on teaching and learning practices. This really increases student’s learning performance.

Here are some components of the Learning Team Objectives:

Full option graduate profile: We are focused on kids being college and career-ready when they graduate from 12th grade.

The big issue for our teachers is trying to capture time for them to meet and have these collaborative sessions. There is not enough time to do this as completely as we need to during their regular contracted working hours. Most teachers in our school are putting in their own personal time to achieve these objectives. What is the ideal amount of time for these collaborative sessions? The district feels 60-90 minutes of time per week. There was a proposal at the district to carve out time for the teachers to do this, but it has been tabled at this point because of the challenges with instructional time requirements being met with the budget cuts. We hope that a proposal with be re-visited after the Winter Break (after Jan. 6, 2013).

A full overview of the Learning Teams and Collaboration objectives are attached at the end of these minutes.

What happens if we were to have a late opening once per month for working families? Would there be before school care? There would be classified employees as well as Glen here for a study hall time. We also have talked with RPASC (after school care) and they would help with this. Can we as a PTO fund substitute teachers to allow for this time needed? Glen will look into this possibility and get back to us.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded at 7:33pm.

Meeting minutes submitted by Beth Gish, PTO Board Secretary.