PTO Meeting Minutes – 12/12/12

Raleigh Park PTO Meeting

12/12/12 school cafeteria

1. President’s Report (Mitzi Sandman)

Minutes are online at Motion to approve the minutes from last month was made, then seconded. All in favor. Minutes were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report ( Jason Wissmiller)

Budget Overview: There is a line item for Surplus Expenditure down near the bottom of page two. These are items/expenditures that are outside of the budget. For example, the PTO purchased a storage shed and assisted the school budget in the amount of $14K for supplies budget shortfall. These are items necessary in order for the school to run (paper, toner, etc)

3. Garden Upkeep and Maintenance (Heather Scanlon and Beth Gish)

The Garden committee is coming to the end or their tenure. We need to hand the reins over to someone else beginning next school year. Maintenance is the overall responsibility with the garden. This is ongoing, and needs to be done on a regular schedule. Our biggest challenge is to find the resources (both volunteer and paid professionals) to take on this project.

Heather and Julie are in the process of contacting and interviewing garden/maintenance professionals. They a have met with 3 parties at this point. They have received bids from all three. There will still need to be parent participation, but the professionals can do the regular pruning, etc. Approximate budget for annual care would be $220/month for 9 months and 3 months at $380/month during the heavy growing season. An initial garden clean-up by the professional crew (3 people, all day) would cost $1200 (one-time fee). The Garden Committee proposes to budget these amounts into the annual budget for ongoing upkeep.

The current annual budget for the Garden is $2000. Conceivably we could spend $1200 now from the budget for the big clean-up, but we would need to follow this with twice-monthly maintenance help. The overall budget for the Garden would go from $2000 to approximately $4000 annually with this proposal.

Glen feels that upkeep of the Garden is very important to the school and sending a message to the district and our community that we care about it.

We are having a great challenge finding volunteers who are willing to take on leadership positions within the garden. The committee will put together job descriptions for the different roles in the Garden and give those to Jenn Reynolds to send out to the volunteer pool.

PROPOSAL: Garden Committee asks that the PTO increase the budget for the Garden by $2000 this year to cover the maintenance costs overviewed here. We will vote on this proposal at the next PTO meeting on January 8, 2013 6:30pm in the school cafeteria.

4. PTO Board-Open positions for next year (Mitzi)

All of the positions will be open for the next school year. The positions are each 2 year commitments and begin in June 2013.


Vice President



Volunteer Coordinator

Ways & Means Coordinator

 There is an informational meeting on Wed. January 16, 2013 at 7pm at the Raccoon Lodge. Please come join us for more information that evening!

5. Quick updates

Volunteer leads for the school carnival have been identified! Shyla Spicer will lead and Cathy Hernandez and Hilary Barthold will assist with the Carnival. The sock hop will now be held on Friday, 1/25. SCRIP event last week brought in approximately $12K in sales, which could translate to approximately $1000 income for the PTO Board.

6. Title One Status for Raleigh Park (Lori Hardwick)

In the Beaverton District, a school must be at 40% free and reduced lunch. The Federal level for assistance is 35%. Raleigh Park has been in the “gap” zone and just last spring reached 40% poverty level, yet we missed being award Title One assistance because we did not reach this level until after March 2012. The PTO Board has written a letter to Jeff Rose, Superintendent to set a meeting to discuss this further. There is a meeting set for next week between the PTO board and Mr. Rose. We hope to get clarification on the discrepancy and we hope to get commitment from the district to receive the targeted program for our school.

7. Shed-next steps: We have a new shed that is empty right now, but can begin moving items into the shed.

8. Principal’s Report

PROPOSAL: Homework Club $3000

There are students that have been identified and have been asked to attend homework club twice weekly beginning in January. There are funds needed to pay teacher stipends to help with these interventions. The PTO Board proposes pulling $3000 from our surplus fund to pay for this. We will vote on this item next meeting, 1/8/13 at 6:30pm.

Jeff Rose is putting together a program and is looking for teacher and parent involvement from each school. He is asking for a getting a group of people to meet and have a conversation about pulling the community into supporting the efforts of the district. There will be a series of three 2-hour meetings between Jan-June 2013. The discussion topics will be

What do we want from our schools?

What behaviors do we seek?

How much monetary support will these things require and what do we do about it?

If you are interested in participating and acting as an ambassador to the community for our school, please let Glen Rutherford know. We are looking for 2 parents from our school to participate. Names need to be submitted to the district by 12/21/12.

Meeting adjourned at 10:08 am. Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish.