PTO Meeting Minutes – 2/13/13

PTO Meeting Wed, 2/13/13

Meeting commenced at 9am.

Attendees: Beth Gish, Nicole Callas, Kelli Pardo, Kristine Morescalchi, Jenee’ Raz, Kimberlee Harker, Kristin Corcoran, Patti Coleman, Lori Lavey, Jason Wissmiller, Glen Rutherford, Matt Gadbaw, Hilary Barthold, Debbie Plawner, Steve McNear, Mitzi Sandman

1. President’s Report

a. A motion was made to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting. This was seconded and approved

b. Vote to approve the by-law changes proposed at last month’s meeting. Approved.

c. Next year’s board. Please contact Mitzi Sandman if you are interested in being a part of the PTO Board beginning in June 2013.

 2. New Music Program at Raleigh Park (Amy Richter)

Amy Richter is a parent at Raleigh Park Elementary who is the executive director of Music Workshop. Music Workshop is a free, innovative and turnkey music program that with volunteer help, will teach our children valuable lessons of music appreciation and study by educating them on music styles, cultures, genres, instruments and musicians.

This Friday, 2/15 at 2:20 the first training session will take place for volunteers in the library and the second training session for volunteers will be on Tuesday, 2/19/13 at 6:30pm in the school library. Volunteer recruitment has gone well and at this point it seems we have a good amount of volunteer support.

3. Principal’s Report (Glen Rutherford)

We have been in the exploratory phase of a program to become a PYP school. This is an International Baccalaureate (IB) program that we are pursuing. Some support for this must come from the district in the form of a ½ time support person, a language teacher and the membership fee to belong to IB. We are excited to provide this as it includes every single child who attends school here. This gives the kids a “world view” and exposes them to some really great learning experiences

a. Homework Club: The club has been started last week. It was very organized and things went extremely well for the first two sessions. The kids that are involved are those needing more instructional time and it is also open to students who would like to have time to do their homework at school before returning home.

b. Heinemann Reading Program

The PTO Board has approved this high level reading program to purchase for RP. The staff and intervention specialist are very enthusiastic about this program, which focuses on reading comprehension.



c.Math IXL

This is a math program which gives students access to more math instruction/practice both at school in our computer lab and at home. This will also be used for 10 minutes of the 90 minutes of math instruction per day. The kids will get more time in addition to the 90 minutes of math the students get each day. We will evaluate this program in conjunction with “extra math” that the students currently use in the lab and determine if they will be used side-by-side or if Math IXL will replace Extra Math. We used Aloha Huber Elementary as a learning/teaching model in our search for upgrading the math program. Aloha Huber has 90-93% of 8th graders meeting or exceeding the standardized math test. They have the highest test scores in the state for 8th graders.

4. Treasurers Report (Jason Wissmiller)

Page one is the summary/snapshot of our financial picture. The top part is assets and the liabilities are broken down into what we have budgeted for. The expenses that we have out there waiting for us this year are approximately $44,000. We try to keep a reserve of cash $15,000 in the bank at all times.

There is a technology support line item which has $2000. We will pull from that line item to pay for the cost of Math IXL since this is used in conjunction with the tech lab.

In Class Activities line item: there is enough $$ on this line item to cover the $4600 needed for the Heineman Reading Program. This will therefore be paid for without hitting our bottom line this year.

A proposal was made to approve spending $1000 for Rocket Math program for our school. The proposal was second. All were in favor, none were opposed. Approved.

5. Activities/Events

a. Food Drive (Jenee Raz)

The intent this year is to change the Food Drive this year. The hope is to scale this back and to focus the drive on the Raleigh Park community and the neighborhood. The intent to donate the food to our newly launched B.A.C.K program (food backpacks) and to a local food pantry as opposed to giving it to the Oregon Food Bank. There is a bit of a challenge in logistics of storing food here for our backpack program. Right now we have enough food to take us through June with the backpack program. How long can we store food? What time of year do we want to do the food drive? Do we want to do a food drive and make all donations directly to the local food pantries that we partner with for our backpack program?

Jenee is planning on doing the food drive 2/25-3/8. Some of the food collected will go toward filling our own backpack program coffers, as we have just received requests for an additional 3 backpacks each week. We want to be prepared to meet this need. Then the remainder of the food collected will be donated to two local food pantries.

Project backpack: the response from the kids who received the assistance was overwhelmingly positive and appreciative. The kids were VERY grateful!

b. Carnival: Shyla Spicher will lead the carnival this year. The idea is to reduce the amount we spend on the plastic toys and make the reward a special activity i.e. “principal for the day”, reading the announcements over the PA system, etc.

Basically, it will be the same with a few adjustments.

c.Volunteer needs: Talent Show shadow

Jogathon Shadow

d.5th Grade Gift: Dawn Prochovnic is in charge of this. She would love to hear any ideas for what the gift should be this year. If you have ideas, please jot them down and give them to Karen Youngs or LeAnn Haslett in the office.

e.Stand For Children and other group which are great ways to understand what is going on in our schools. and let your voice be heard.

6. A motion to adjourn was made at 10:13 am. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish.