PTO Meeting Minutes – 3/13/13

PTO meeting, Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Raleigh Park Cafeteria

Attendees: Jimme Perkins, Amy Perkins, Ryan Deckert, Brandi Wachs, Jacquie Bell, Heather Scanlon, Matt Gadbaw, Cathy Hernandez, Shyla Spicer, Patrick Wilde, Jessica Wilde, Henry Alvarez, Amy Simpson, Amy Prewett, Benjamin Hall, Jeff Coleman, Patti Coleman, Kelli Pardo, Jenn Reynolds, Danna Kittell, Kimberlee Hanken, Glen Rutherford, Melinda Burpo, Lori Lavey, Diana Post, Kristin Corcoran, Jennee’ Raz, Beth Gish

Meeting commenced at 6:32pm.

A motion was made to approve the minutes from 2/13/13 meeting. The minutes were approved.


Special Guest Mary VanderWeele is here tonight from the Beaverton School Board to speak with us about the option levy coming up in May 2013. Passing this levy would mean an increase in the budget of $11M-$15M put back into the Beaverton School District budget. The impact would be felt immediately next year by increasing 150 teachers in our district. This levy would be spent entirely on teacher staffing and there will be continuous oversight. This could possibly mean in increase in 2 teachers for our Raleigh Park Elementary School. The average increase in taxes per homeowner would translate to $24/month.

There are very large class sizes: mid-40’s in high school and there are some classes that have nearly 60 students. We hope to fix some things in Salem to help building the budgets back to sustainable levels. This will be on the May 21, 2013 ballot. Oregon no longer has a requirement that a majority of registered voters must vote AND the majority of those voting must vote “yes” in order for it to pass. Now we can pass this levy if a majority of those that vote in this election vote “yes.”

The Beaverton School District spends 1.2% of their budget on administrative expenses.

Please vote. Many parents do not vote and this is a very important levy that will directly affect our students and class sizes/programs.

Please donate to the campaign to support the efforts to get his passed. is the website

Mitzi Sandman is the Levy Captain for our school and Diana Post and Debbie Plawner are co-chairing the effort for our school. The goal is to make a canvassing effort to inform parents and neighbors about the Levy and what it means to our school district. What they are asking is that 100 individuals talk to 10 of their neighbors or community members about the Levy and a yes vote. (100×10 Campaign) Our area tends to be among the heaviest voting populations in the district and we hope to make an impact in passing this Levy.

The percentage of the State budget that formerly went to K-12 education was 45%, and it has now dwindled down to only 39% of the State budget. This Levy is a step toward recovering some of that lost percentage of the budget.

There will be more information forthcoming and all avenues for communication are welcome: in person conversation, phone, or email. After school hours we are permitted to talk about the Levy, but during school hours we are not permitted to speak about the Levy on school property. This is a campaign rule.

TREASURERS REPORT (Jason Wissmiller)

A full copy of the budget is attached is available on the PTO website at

Some of the larger items we have paid for in the last 30 days:

A reading intervention program to help those who are struggling the most in grades 1-5 is being utilized. The PTO paid for the Grades 3-5 program for $4800 and can be used for years to come.

Raleigh Park Garden monthly maintenance: $220


The curriculum enhancement line has a budget of $22K and we have only spent $9K to date. We expect costs to come in for Homework Club for teacher stipends, bussing, an author visit, and assemblies. We expect to use this entire up by the end of the school year.


-President: Margo Fowler


Treasurer: Peter Jewett

Secretary: Jenee’ Raz

Ways/Means: Kimber Hanken & Kristin Corcoran

Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa Engenhardt

Immediate Past President: Mitzi Sandman

A motion was made to approve the individuals above to serve on the PTO Board. The motion was seconded. None opposed. This PTO Board has been approved


A motion was made for the PTO to donate $500 to the BSD Option Levy campaign. The motion was seconded and no one was opposed. This motion has been approved.



Food Drive: Jenee Raz. We collected about 1000 pounds of food over the past two weeks. We are going to use the majority of the food for our Backpack program and the balance to St Matthew’s food pantry

Carnival: Shyla Spicer. The event will be on May 3rd, and currently we are looking to ramp up the volunteer staff. We have about 30 volunteers now and need approximately 110. There will be food, games, activities and ultimately the goal is community involvement. We ask all of our teachers and their classes to create a marketing poster to market the Carnival. There will be a meeting for leads of the different activities on Wednesday, 3/20/13 at 6:30pm in the cafeteria. Please come to the meeting if you are interested in volunteering for the Carnival this year.

Talent Show: Kirstin Corcoran needs a shadow this year. It’s a super fun event and is very well organized at this point. It will involve a month of rehearsal before the show and the show itself will be held on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. The show is for the 1-5 grades. The goal is to get the applications out by 4/1 and will need to be turned in about 3 weeks later. There is a large skit and a large group dance as well as individual acts. They will need volunteers for lunchtime rehearsals. If you have any interest please contact Kristin at

Spring Fundraiser: Lori Lavey. We plan to do this event much like last year at the end of May or early June. The goal is to fundraise for the educational aspects for our kids at Raleigh Park that we feel due to budget shortfalls. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Lori at

5th Grade Gift: the latest idea is an electronic reader board for the school. If there are any parents or community members who have a contact for this type of product, please contact Mitzi.



We had reps from the Oregon Green Schools organization came and recognized our school for doing a good job of recycling. Some of our students did “trash analysis” to gain a better understanding of what can be recycled.

State Oaks Testing

If students meet the state standard score on the initial test, the school must have permission from the parents to re-test. If you receive one of these letters, please consider allowing them to re-take the test unless you are strongly opposed to taking it a second time.  Glen also encourages the kids to get good sleep, food before the test.

The test is reading and math for 1-4 and then in 5th grade the test includes math, reading and science.

We are currently working on a couple of grant opportunities. The BEF has a grant that we hope to win for a summer school program. If we get the funds, we hope to have instruction for RP students in the mornings from mid-June to end of July. It may be at Raleigh Park site or it could be at ACMA.

We are applying to become a Primary Years Program which is associated with the International Baccalaureate programs which operate in our middle and high schools.

It helps kids look more at what is happening around them in the work and programs/curriculums are integrated to reach this goal. The next three years will be a probationary candidate status while we ramp up this program. This program will begin this fall. Part of this program will be foreign language instruction.

Homework Club is up and running. We have 60 students coming regularly. Most of those kids are working in small group settings and are in focused settings. In addition to the tutoring groups, we have the opportunity to have kids come in and do their homework on their own in the cafeteria. Homework Club is held two days per week, began Feb 5 and runs through April 25th.

Thanks for everything the PTO does for the school.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, the motion was seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:39pm

Minutes respectfully recorded and submitted by Beth Gish.