PTO Meeting Minutes – 1/8/13

PTO Meeting Minutes, January 8, 2013


Glen Rutherford, Beth Gish, Jimme Perkins, Matt Gadbaw, Robin Blair, Sandra Corson, Jenny Potter, Kimberlee Hanken, Nicole Callas, Peter Jewett, Jason Wissmiller, Lori Lavey, Melissa Engenhardt, Kristine Morescalchi, Mitzi Sandman, Sage Krewson, Patti Coleman, Jeff Coleman, Jenn Reynolds, Whitney Friel, Heather Scanlon, Julie Corpron, Kristin Corcoran, Jennee’ Raz

  1. A motion was made to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting. The motion was seconded and minutes were approved. The minutes can be found in full on the PTO website.
  2. Treasurers Report: Jason Wissmiller

First page of the budget shows account balances as of today. Total assets are $94,202.13 and total liabilities are $77,765.92, which leaves a overall total surplus of $16,436.21

Entire budget is posted in an attachment on the PTO website at

The SCRIP program has earned nearly $1500 in just one scrip sale just before the holidays. We will do another Scrip sale in the spring.

Income: We raised over $60K from the Jogathon and had budgeted to raise $45K. We also have income from the Dough For Dollars and we hope to have a fundraiser night at McMenamins Raleigh Hills Pub at some point this school year.

  1. PTO Board Positions, Openings for Next Year:

Next week on Wednesday, 1/15/13 we will have an informational meeting at the Raccoon Lodge for anyone whom is interested in serving on the Board next year. The meeting is at 7pm and all are welcome….no commitments, just information sharing.

The by-laws state that the Nominating Committee shall consist of eight members (between six and nine), at least two of whom are not (with up to two who are not current) Board Members. The current board has discussed this and is proposing that we amend the by-laws to allow current, past and non-board members. We will review this again and vote on it at the next PTO meeting.

  1. Shed: a work day is scheduled for Saturday, January 26, 2013 for organizing and loading the shed.
  2. Sock Hop
    The event will be held on Friday, January 25, 2013. There will be glow gear, pronto pups and corn dogs for sale for the 5th grade fundraiser. There will also be a $5 suggested donation for admission and a barrel for sock donations.
  3. Project Second Wind: We are in need of a coordinator for this annual community service project.
  4. Financing and Partnership with Food Pantry:  Patti and Jeff Coleman, parents at our school are interested in starting a Food Backpack Program at our school. This would be non-perishable items that are nutritionally balanced and put into backpacks each Friday and sent home to families. The budget for this would be approximately $25-30 if we did this on our own. Currently Holy Trinity food pantry is able to provide these food backpacks for approximately $5-7 per backpack. The optimal scenario would be to partner with a food pantry and get our food donated. A second option would be to ask for food donations from our school community.Some examples of programs such as this currently in place are:

    Barnes Elementary School currently works with Holy Trinity and one other church to provide 180 children food backpacks. This allows them to send a backpack home with each of the 180 children once every three weeks.

    McKinley Elementary serves 25-30 kids per week and the food comes from a church food pantry

    William Walker does 10-15 kids through a church pantry

    Currently, Patti Coleman is scheduled to go to a meeting tomorrow with the OFB to see how we can partner with a food pantry to get our own backpack program going.
    We are open to ideas on how to facilitate this type of program.

    Currently we are assessing what our need is at Raleigh Park. Glen feels there could be 5-10 families that are currently struggling at this level.

    What will it take to get this program started?

    We would need financial support and/or volunteers providing food for this program.
    We could get at least 20 families who are willing to sponsor a backpack once a month to jump start this program. The logistical part needs to be worked through. Paige Krewson is also helping with this effort.

    Next step is to put together an announcement for the newsletter …..Patti Coleman will do this.

    Perhaps we can also choose to do a focused food drive just for Raleigh Park in place of the official Project Second wind for the OFB……

    There is a lot of enthusiasm and interest in this type of a program from those in attendance tonight and we hope to get this rolled out as soon as possible.

  5. Spring Fundraiser: we are contemplating doing either another auction party, or more of a check-writing party. The fundraising party/auction was a great community building activity which has intangible value in addition to the money raised. Kristin Corcoran and Whitney Friel would like to help Lori with the Spring event.
  6. VOTE:
    Homework Club $3000 — We are trying to expand the homework club and target some kids who are behind and work with them after school with certified teachers doing interventions. We’ve noticed that when we are able to offer more instruction at a faster pace is a successful model for getting these kids caught up to grade level. One of the things we noticed last year is that we struggled with consistent adult help specifically for the kids who need the extra help. The funds would cover teacher stipends, transportation and snacks. This would be twice per week beginning in February.Garden Maintenance: $2000 — This additional funding will cover maintenance cost for the year for the garden.

    Both measures passed. The funds will be released by Jason to these two items.

  7. On December 18, 2012 some of our Board Members met with Carl Meade and Superintendent Rose regarding our Title One status and if we can get funding. We currently have closer to 35% free and reduced lunch levels ( a drop from last year!).Some additional programs were discussed since we do not qualify for Title one.
  8. Principal’s Report: the outcome of the meeting was overall very positive. One of of the most important things that came out of the meeting was that it established a relationship between Raleigh Park and the district. The discussion explored ways we can help our students achieve. It was compelling to learn that of those needing interventions, 95% of those at our school are part of the ESL program. So we can explore possibly being a part of Title 3 programs that are more flexible and address helping this group of students. One of these is a summer school program for our students in need. We are going to tap into Title 3 grants to establish a summer program. The program can be either “tuition based” or “scholarship based” depending on the need. Glen is very excited about the opportunity to get this started.We are a PBIS (positive behavior incentive school) and our school has earned over 500 tiger roars and the reward was turning on music and having a dance party in the hall for 3 minutes. Teachers and staff are teaching appropriate behaviors throughout the school so that expectations are very clear. WE look at data monthly and address individuals who may need more work on behavior.

    We have talked about some of our policy in relation to safety. We are continuing to make sure we lock doors and have every visitor check in at the office. The other thing that is being considered is a card key system. The kids are also practicing fire, earthquake and lock in drills. There is also a lock out drill. Two of these drills are scheduled by the district. The district has teamed with law enforcement in our area and then the district and these groups meet quarterly.

A motion to adjourn at 7:45pm,  the motion was seconded and meeting adjourned. Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Gish.