Art Literacy

Helping children learn and understand more about the beauty of different kinds of art and its place in history is nourishing for young minds.

Each year, interested parents donate their time to help ensure that Raleigh Park students are exposed to this important curriculum. The students receive six lessons throughout the year, with a specific focus for the year established when the school year starts. The focus for the 2016-2017 school year is on color and value: warm vs. cool or monochromatic, for instance. Past year’s themes have included texture, and line, space and form.

There are six lessons throughout the year, each one last one hour. Lessons incorporate a variety of artists – like one American, one woman, one contemporary, one minority and one non-painting. Sometimes, they overlap. In addition to creating – or producing – a piece of art in the style of each artist that is studied, each lesson incorporates putting the art into historical context, comparing works of art and critiquing the art. Materials used in creating the artwork vary between things like pastels (oil or chalk), paint, cut paper or natural materials.

Raleigh Park’s art lit program is incredibly enriching for young minds and fun for families to marvel in the gorgeous works of art created by their children!

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