Did you know that PTO meetings aren’t just for talking school business?

The PTO Board is committed to making these meetings an enriching experience for us all, which is why this year we’ve introduced a new element of regular guest speakers.

At February’s PTO meeting, we were fortunate to have Raleigh Park 4th grade teacher Kyle Piper-Smyer provide some great information about helping our kids with homework and organizing for success.  On March 11, 3rd grade teacher, Terri Young, presented on technology in the classroom – including the use use of Google docs and, importantly, about the 3rd grade iPad pilot. We have so much we can learn from our childrens’ teachers, and they deserve our support when they give us their previous evening time.

In April we are honored to be hosting our Beaverton School Board representative, Mary Vanderweele, and providing a special tour of the 5th grade science fair! We hope to see a good turnout for Mary and of course, to support our students who undoubtedly will have worked so hard on their projects.

In addition to interesting discussion topics, PTO meetings provide an opportunity to give your input and vote on various proposals, including recent proposals on technology for the classrooms and library, some new bike racks, an electronic sign for the school and other exciting options to enhance our fabulous school. 

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!