Mileage Club

Mileage Club is a great opportunity for students to increase their fitness by offering them incentives for running laps around the school track during lunch recess.

Here’s how it works: A signed permission slip from a parent/guardian allows the child to become a member of Mileage Club. Each student get their own card with space for 20 laps to be checked off as they complete each lap. Once they fill an entire card, the student will receive a commemorative “foot” charm that they can hang from a necklace or backpack.

An ongoing tally is kept of the student’s progress over all the years that they are at Raleigh Park with the ultimate goal of completing the equivalent of a marathon – 26.2 miles! This accomplishment is rewarded with a special Raleigh Park Mileage Club T-shirt.

Because running is not allowed on the black top of the playground, Mileage Club gives kids the chance to really get out there and run. It’s easy to see from their faces how much they love it – not to mention the healthy habits it helps to promote.

Can you help with Mileage Club?