The PTO has good news to share on the technology front!

Working with Principal Curl, we’ve been able to purchase 22 MacBook Air laptops (with bumped up RAM), which will be used to create one or two mobile carts for classroom use.

One of our volunteer parents also teamed up with some of our Tiger students interested in technology to evaluate all of the classroom computers to assess where we could invest in additional RAM for certain computers to improve their speed and functionality. Together, both of these PTO investments will improve all of our students’ access to computers for classroom learning.

Many of you will also remember about the money we fundraised last spring to help with the purchase of an A/V system for the cafeteria. The update there is that we are working through the District process, which has been slower than expected. Our District contacts are short staffed and this is impacting our project. Be assured, we are pushing where we can and considering alternatives.

We will continue to keep you posted as the process progresses. Thank you to everyone for your support in helping make our great school even greater!